Dentures & Partials    

Teeth are important physically and emotionally.

  • Not only do they allow us to eat a healthy diet, with crunchy vegetables and chewy meats, but teeth also help us speak clearly.
  • Spaces left by missing teeth allow room for remaining teeth to shift out of place. This can compromise the bite (or occlusion), and cause jaw pain, headaches, teeth grinding, and other problems.
  • Jawbone requires stimulation by teeth roots, or it will deteriorate. Often, people with missing teeth begin to lose jaw structure, so the face appears shorter, and cheeks and lips cave inward. This adds decades to a person's appearance.
  • Because of this, people with missing teeth tend to avoid speaking and eating in public. They experience low self-esteem and reduced quality of life.
If you're missing multiple teeth, talk with Dr. Çerekja about replacement teeth. Dentures replace all teeth on the upper or lower arch, while partials replace a few missing teeth on one arch. Unlike a bridge, dentures and partials can be removable appliances. Partials are usually attached to adjacent teeth with hidden clasps. Dentures rely on natural suction or adhesive for stability on the gums. Contemporary dental materials have made dentures and partials more comfortable and lifelike than ever. Many active patients opt for implant-retained dentures, a solid solution that eliminates slippage.

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